Bernadette Salandy – a good and faithful servant
January 20, 2023
Sunday January 22nd: Called to serve
January 22, 2023

Saturday January 21st? You mad or what?

“He went home again, and once more such a crowd collected they could not even have a meal.”

Mark 3: 20-21

Jesus was on a roll, as they say. His ministry had kicked off and there was so much need that he could not help but remain focused on accomplishing the mission set to him by the Father. His relatives, unfortunately, didn’t get it and so if they were Trinis they would have said, “ You mad or what? You can’t keep going and going like that!” And naturally they would have taken appropriate action.

In his Gospel, St Mark places emphasis on Jesus as Son of God and Messiah, determined to fulfill his mission by overcoming the opposing forces. There was a sense of urgency in building God’s kingdom and therefore that was foremost in his mind. In this regard he was misunderstood by many, even those closest to him.

Our hearts, too, should be set like Jesus’ on fulfilling our mission even if we run the risk of being a cause for concern by relatives. Once our hands are on the plough there should be no turning back! Lord, keep us steadfast and focused. Amen.