Family, faith, and music ‘Viva!’ to ‘Flutie’
January 18, 2023
The God-human relationship
January 19, 2023

Thursday January 19th: We are all in need of healing

“All who had diseases pressed upon him to touch him.”

Mark 3:7-12

In today’s Gospel people came to Jesus from everywhere because of the healing miracles, preaching and teaching. There is an important movement here for us to note.

Firstly, that people acknowledged that he was a great healer and that they were in need of healing. Do we know the areas of our lives that need healing? Let us examine ourselves and identify one area and bring it to the great healer.

Secondly, the encounter with the healing Jesus may come in a place that is not so obvious, like the lakeside. Can we identify our lakeside, the place of encounter with Christ?

Do I provide ‘Christ- encounters’ for others? Am I a source of healing for others? Can the Lord use me this way?

Lord Jesus, I come before you as I am, broken and in need of healing. I come, here and now, asking you to meet me where I am, at your lakeside. Minister to me in all areas of my life. Draw me close to you so that I can touch your healing presence. Lord make me an instrument of your healing encounter. Amen.