Catholics reminded – “Wherever we go, the power of God must flow”
January 17, 2023
The Light has come
January 18, 2023

Wednesday January 18th: Do Good Anyway

Lord, remove all faultfinding, and let it begin with me.

Mark 3:1-6

Have you ever felt like you could do a million things right and yet people will only remember that one time that you fell short? Or, sometimes when truth is spoken with love and conviction, it makes others uncomfortable and it is often not well-received. Very often, the Christ in us will unearth the enemy in others.
Marianne Williamson in her famous quote expressed, that our deepest fear is our light, it is also the deepest fear of the evil one as well. That’s why “the accuser of the brethren, launches such aggressive yet subtle attacks against God’s people. He, like a pack of hungry hyenas, prowls eagerly awaiting our slightest misstep, and swift to find fault.
To be challenged in this way is good for our souls as it is allowed by God in order to temper the pride in us and make us more malleable, humble and kind. Like Jesus, we are called to do good anyway.
Prayer: Dear Lord, please remove all fault-finding attitudes within your church and let it begin with me.