Balancing the routine of life
January 12, 2023
Saturday January 14th: Building Community
January 14, 2023

Friday January 13th: Sin cripples

“My child, your sins are forgiven.”

Mark 2: 1 – 12

When they brought the paralytic to him, why did Jesus ignore the obvious and address what was hidden? Instead of healing the man’s paralysis, which was the obvious thing, Jesus forgave him his sins.

The paralytic’s sins were more life-threatening to him than his paralysis. He could live with his paralysis, since he did that for most or all his life. He could not live with sin. No one can live with sin and be well.

Sin cripples in the worst way. Without a clean heart or a cleansed spirit a person is like a shrivelled up prune. When our inside is in shambles our outside cannot look good either.

Sin cripples emotionally, intellectually and physically. Persons who live with sin are not free. They are bound to painful memories, unresolved issues, hurts, deprivations and even agony. A person’s body cannot function well if it is weighed down by sin.

Freeing the paralytic from his sins gave him the ability to move freely. He even praised God!