‘How big is your God?’ – Archbishop Gordon reflects on Epiphany
January 9, 2023
Family, music, teaching –‘Miss Henry’ gave her all
January 10, 2023

Tuesday January 10th: Jesus as Model

“And His teaching made a deep impression on them because … he taught them with authority.”

Mark 1: 21-28

When we are called to proclaim the Word of God or to teach God’s Word, it is necessary that we do it with clear knowledge of the Word and therefore with confidence. How do we accomplish this? We take pattern from Jesus Himself.
Scripture tells us that when Jesus taught the people, He did so as one with authority, as opposed to being simply another teacher of the law. He taught only what He received from the Father. He lived what He taught and therefore what He taught was alive in Him. Such authenticity is precisely what made His words powerful – so much so – that even the evil spirits were defeated in His presence. Jesus preached and taught with wisdom and boldness and with a Divinity that came from Jesus being Truth Himself.
We too, must know that we can never teach or proclaim God’s Word on our own strength. It is imperative that we always seek His Divine intervention first, as well as live His Truth, in order to share our Faith powerfully.