Friday January 6th: Glimpses of the Christ
January 6, 2023
Sunday January 8th: Feel the pulse-beat
January 8, 2023

Saturday January 7th: The Miracle Cycle Begins with an Empty Glass

‘They have no wine.’

John 2:1-11

In today’s word the illustration Mother Mary extends is worth reflecting upon. A problem arises and she goes to her son and relays, “They have no wine.” With these words Mary speaks a reality about our lives, that at some point we all experience. Not so? There comes a day when we are out of wine. Our glass is empty. The ceiling seems too close for comfort. On those days, life seems empty and dull. There is no vivacity or vigour. Mary left the issue in His hands, simply uttering to the servants … “Do as he say”.

We were never expected to live by the adequacy of our own resources. Regardless of how we feel when there is no more wine, it is in fact the beginning of miracle. Just as it was at the wedding in Cana, Christ is the one and only true vintner of our lives. Let us turn to Him not only when all the wine is gone but let us ask Him to keep it to the brim, intoxicating us with the life our Heavenly Father desires for us, under the influence of the Holy Spirit.