Thursday January 5th: Jesus calls…
January 5, 2023
Saturday January 7th: The Miracle Cycle Begins with an Empty Glass
January 7, 2023

Friday January 6th: Glimpses of the Christ

“You are my Son, the Beloved; my favor rests on you.”

Mark 1: 6 – 11

The Christmastide gospel passages give us different glimpses of who Jesus is and how to recognise him. Today John the Baptist described Jesus as one who is full of power. Not power to wield over others, but power to show love and compassion to those who needed it the most. John said that he was not fit to undo Jesus’s sandals, yet Jesus was the one who washed his disciples’ feet. John also said that Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the one whom Isaiah said would be full of the Spirit, a Spirit he generously shares with the world.

As we see from the gospels, Jesus did not walk around with an ID card to show on demand. Instead, he identified himself through his works and his words and his treatment of people. His presence in the world was always about being the compassionate face of the Father to others. So too, followers of Jesus must be concerned about being God’s presence and action through their lives.