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January 4, 2023
Life goes on – new year in, old year out
January 4, 2023

Keep calm… and use these plants in 2023

I would like to wish all readers a bright and prosperous 2023! As we enter the new year, we can use plants to bring calm and serenity into our homes or even our workplaces. The following is a list of plants best suited for indoors to keep at home and offices to relieve anxiety and stress:

Basil – The basil plant has anti-stress properties which help to relieve stress and anxiety. Basil plant acts as an adaptogen (a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress) which is why having a basil plant in your house or office can improve mental clarity.

Jasmine – A jasmine plant helps in lowering anxiety and stress levels. Also, it helps you feel better by increasing your productivity by giving you a fresh environment and a good odour. This gorgeous plant not just makes your room decor lit but also contributes to keeping the surroundings fresh with its fragrance and fresh oxygen supply.

Aloe Vera – This succulent helps in cutting down the harmful radiations from electronic devices. Electronic gadgets throw harmful effects on humans but aloe vera helps to give away more oxygen in the environment. Aloe Vera is a low maintenance plant that is also a natural air purifier that helps to reduce anxiety and stress by giving you fresh air to breathe.

Lavender – Lavender’s sweet smell helps soothe the mind and relieves anxiety, stress, and its mesmerising fragrance has sedative properties that help induce sleep. This indoor plant is so beautiful that it adds to your home decor and makes it even more scenic.

English Ivy –  It’s known to reduce headaches and promotes a good night’s sleep. This hanging plant is a great companion to those who wish to calm their allergies, particularly if they suffer from asthma. This plant helps in keeping away airborne diseases.

Areca Palm – Areca palms are a very popular air-purifying plant, which can be kept both in the homes and offices. This low maintenance plant is easy to care for and is proven to remove harmful toxins from the air that affects the health of people. Therefore, this plant helps to lower anxiety levels and blood pressure, which in turn helps us to calm our mental and physical state thus protecting us from falling sick.

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