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January 4, 2023
Christ be our light
January 4, 2023

It’s about love, not use…and that’s the truth

What is relativism? Whilst assisting at a Confirmation class, the answer to this question seemed to have had quite a few of the young people questioning what they believe to be true or not true.
If someone presented a fake million-dollar bill and a real million-dollar bill, which one would you choose? The obvious answer would be the real one. “And yet for a long time we have been convinced that the fake million-dollar bill is the good one….Look how good it looks. It’s exactly what you want. Take it” (A Preachable Message, p50).
Fr Peter Dugandzic noted “Relativism affects us in this way because it is mired in a perspective rather than the objective Truth” (p51).
In our December column, we emphasised that God is Love, yet He gave us objective truth to follow which is Christ Himself. Relativism is “the belief that the truth is not always the same but varies according to circumstances” (Collins Dictionary online). Relativism, in others words, says that your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth, so there is no objective truth.
Who we are as persons and morality are NOT subject to change, but nowadays, we have been duped into thinking that these can be changed. “Just as we cannot change or decide the reality of the way a car works, neither is morality something that is subjective. God created us to choose between good and evil, not to determine what they are” (YOU Leaders Guide, p152).
Some of us have determined that the use of contraception is not evil, when the Bride of Christ (the Church) has spoken clearly that those who agree with the use of devices, tablets, injections, patches primarily to deliberately stop conception has significantly disrupted the relationship between the couple and their relationship with God.
How? Since the more popular use of contraception, objectification of women by men has endured and even increased, divorce-rates escalated, sexually transmitted infections multiplied, and manipulation of populations by some powerful bodies persisted.
All of these are considered evil, but the presentation of the use of contraception has been dressed-up as “the” choice of women and couples of the modern world, so much so, that we cannot see the objective Truth that we were created for “love” and not “use”.
Contraception makes it easy to “use” each other’s bodies for pleasure and not to cherish the gift of the precious embodied spirit that is one’s spouse. We could “have fun” without the consequences (of pregnancy, of commitment, of family-life etc.).
Sexual union has two purposes: union between the couple and procreation of new life, a fruit of their lovemaking. Contraceptive-thinking excludes the procreative element of sexual intercourse at all costs and thus excludes the movement of the Holy Spirit where we are co-creators with Him.
We are free to choose between good and evil, yet true “freedom is the ability to desire and to choose the good. If you truly love a person, you are making a decision to live in a way that places certain boundaries or restrictions on yourself. If a husband loves his wife, he should freely choose not to flirt with other women. If he loves his children, he should freely choose not to neglect them. With love comes responsibility, which puts the commitments of love into action. In the words of St John Paul II, Freedom without responsibilities is the opposite of love” (YOU Leaders Guide, p156).
The husband who loves his wife will not subject her to strong chemicals and/or devices that could harm her health and their relationship.
“God’s Love is the motivation of the very gift of our existence, and we exist as male and female (with every cell in our body) precisely so we can image that same love by being a gift to one another…masculinity and femininity – namely, sex – is the original sign in the world of God’s self-giving love” (Heaven’s Song, p94).
May our T&T couples be true signs of God’s love.

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