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January 4, 2023
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Archbishop: he will be missed

Photo source: The Office of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

“Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will be missed.”
So said Archbishop Jason Gordon in a short video-recorded statement released last Saturday morning (December 31, 2022) on learning of the former pope’s death in Rome.
In the immediate response, Archbishop Gordon described Pope Benedict as being “a phenomenal man” and “a great light”.
“He was a man of deep faith; a man of deep, deep conviction”, adding that “he will be missed greatly”.
The Archbishop said the former pope was an “intellectual light not only in Europe but the world”, and as a pope, gave “profound leadership through his papal statements which paved the way for us to understand charity in a different and biblical way”. His encyclical on integral human development continued the work started by his predecessors.
“We miss him and are sorry for his passing. He was 95 and ailing for a while and so we commend his soul into the hands of Almighty God knowing that God is always merciful to all of His people.”