Sunday January 1st: The depths of sorrow and heights of joy
January 1, 2023
Tuesday January 3rd: This is the Son of God
January 3, 2023

Monday January 2nd: Be like John

Make a straight way for the Lord

John 1: 19 – 28

OMG, January 2nd. Another year has passed in a flash.

I am reading today’s gospel and in true ‘Trini’u fashion, I am wondering why these priests and Levites are so ‘fas’. Were the Pharisees asking because they were really looking for Christ, or are they, like Herod, afraid of the loss of power that may follow?

Given that it’s the start of the year, I am contemplating what I have accomplished over the past year and what I want to achieve in the coming year. Did I grow enough spiritually, or am I like the priests and Levites doing what I was told to do? Go to church, say these prayers, give to the poor, etc.

I pray that I truly dedicate myself to making time for the Lord this year as I continue to work on my spiritual life so I may, like John, make a straight way for the Lord.