Thursday December 29th: Behold the Promise
December 29, 2022
Saturday December 31st: Out with the old
December 31, 2022

Friday December 30: The Holy Family

Feast of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

God is always ready to guide and inspire every family.

Matthew 2: 13-15

Being a family is a most beautiful thing, but it can also be the most challenging thing. Joseph, Mary and Jesus were no exception to the challenges families throughout the world face.

Today we meet the Holy Family threatened by the death of the baby Jesus, and as a result they fled to Egypt for refuge. The image of a refugee family is so common around the world. Some, like Joseph and Mary and Jesus, are able to find safety but there are many who are not so lucky.

What was Joseph and Mary’s strength during their trials? They trusted God. The gospels say when they had to make difficult choices or accept difficult challenges, Mary and Joseph turned to God for guidance. They followed the Lord’s voice.

The Holy Family teaches every family that they do not have to struggle with difficult decisions and choices alone. God is always ready to guide and inspire every family. All it takes is a step back, listen quietly and God’s guiding voice will lead.