Tuesday December 28th: The Holy Innocents
December 28, 2022
Friday December 30: The Holy Family
December 30, 2022

Thursday December 29th: Behold the Promise

“For my eyes have seen the salvation which you have displayed for all people to see.”

Luke 2:22-35

We have much to learn from Simeon who kept the promise alive in his heart. Simeon had conversed with God about this precious moment when his eyes would behold not only the fulfillment of a promise for him but for his people. Beholding the child Jesus in his arms, he said thankfully, “My eyes have seen”….

We recall times when our faith wavered, when we lost sight of the promise whose fulfillment could benefit us and others: community projects or relationships abandoned midstream; waning interest in things life-giving which took long in coming.

Friends, what promise do you hold in your heart that you and God converse about? Are you on the brink of losing sight of it? Today, we ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit so that, like Simeon, we would await its fulfillment.

And what if, even as Simeon prophesied to Mary, a sword were to pierce your heart, would that rob the promise of the joy its fulfillment would bring to you and others? It did not, in the case of Jesus.