Sunday December 18th: Quiet quitting
December 18, 2022
Tuesday December 20th: Living in the Lord
December 20, 2022

Monday December 19th: When God Mutes Us.

“For the Grace, wisdom and discernment to build in silence.”

Luke 1: 5-25

Have you ever felt the not-so-gentle nudging of the Lord asking you to do something for him? Chances are, when you had experienced this, your first reaction may have been to tell everyone or broadcast your plans on social media. Then, you would recall that, when we reacted like this to God’s promptings, our good intentions flop even before flight.

Like Elizabeth and Zechariah, each of us is impregnated with a special vocation (through our Baptism) that can change the course of destiny for our world.  As such, in order to prevent us from blabbing and exposing ourselves to unnecessary warfare which can cause us to miscarry, God sometimes mutes us.

God also knows that not everyone around us will be happy that we are building for his kingdom. That’s also why he may choose to mute us through an uncomfortable and unsettling stripping process.

Dear Lord Jesus, during this Advent season, give us wisdom and discernment to build in silence and with prayer, as we wait upon your joyful coming.  Amen