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December 15, 2022
Fatima College students help schools recover from flooding
December 15, 2022

Market Day at Santa Cruz RC School

On Friday, December 2, our courtyard was turned into an organic array of fruits, vegetables and produce as we had our ‘Market Day’ fundraiser. The students were ably assisted by their class teachers and our grounds man Anthony Gordon in preparing the beds for such crops as pak choi, cabbage, tomato, chive, cucumber, lettuce, and broccoli to name just a few. They also maintained their beds throughout the term and reaped once produce was mature.

Among the patrons were Fr Hasely King O Carm, School Manager; Aurea Honoré, Vicariate Manager (Suburban) from the Catholic Education Board of Management; and Ms World Trinidad and Tobago 2022, Aché Abrahams who is a former student of Santa Cruz RC School and who was also involved in the process as she planted a bed of lettuce.

Staff, parents/guardians, parishioners and well-wishers also donated produce enabling a very successful and profitable day. Thanks to all. —A teacher