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December 15, 2022
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December 15, 2022

Archbishop uses Advent message to address crime situation


As Christians prepare for the coming of the Prince of Peace at Christmas, Archbishop Gabriel Malzaire of Castries urged faithful to strive to be true ambassadors of that peace by their words, actions, and decisions for this Advent season.

He invited all to ask themselves whether they have been able to enjoy the abundance which Christ came to bring. “If not, what are the issues today which prevents us from enjoying such fullness? Then, having identified these issues, what better time to contemplate an adjustment, or a redress, than this season of Advent?” the Archbishop said in his Advent message.

He said that if faithful will agree that one of the scourges plaguing the local communities today is the senseless and violent crime. It is a situation, he opined, that must be approached from the root.

“Evidence has shown that a vicious cycle always ensues in an environment of wrongdoing. It begins with greed; this then translates into the desire to get rich quickly with little effort, followed by the need to defend the unmerited gains, the result being brute force, the seemingly easiest or quickest way.”

He then questioned, “do we have the courage to play our role, little though it may be, to alleviate the present situation?”

Referring to a Kwéyòl proverb which says: ‘Si y pas ni sitiwèz, y pas ni vòlè’: “If there is no enabler there is no thief”, the Archbishop said that the situation in the country certainly did not fall from the sky.

“Notwithstanding those who are removed from this life innocently, among us are parents, guardians, friends, siblings, and neighbours, who are aware of the less-than wholesome company our sons and daughters, wards, friends, brothers, and sisters keep, the ingredient largely responsible for the present situation.”

The Archbishop observed because of personal benefits being derived from such, persons choose to maintain the status quo and then wonder why things have escalated.

He underscored that guns, no matter how numerous, will never solve human problems.

For Christians, Archbishop Malzaire asserted, the only true weapon for the battle against the evil of the world is that offered by the one whose birth we prepare to celebrate.