“Mary gives a unique view of who God is”
December 9, 2022
Sunday December 11th: Go light the world
December 11, 2022

Saturday December 10th: Joining the Dots

Let’s ask Him ‘Why?‘

Matthew 17:10-13

The question the disciples ‘put to’ Jesus was to clarify something that others were saying – that Elijah had not yet come. Jesus explained to them and the Gospel says ‘the disciples understood then’. They had not recognised the signs sent to them already by God. We too allow what others say to skew our understanding and vision and to have us miss signs God has sent our way.

Let us, like the disciples, probe, put questions to Jesus, ask questions of Him, search out the reason and the rationale for things in our lives. Sometimes we are in a situation of waiting for something that has already happened but in a different way from how or what we expected.  Are we missing signs and prophesy in our life? Jesus will reply to our questions, explain and highlight the missed signs we did not recognise. He will join the dots for us until God’s Will is made manifest in our lives.  He can and He will do this for us. Let’s ask him ‘Why’.