Tuesday December 6th: We matter

Monday December 5th: Jesus is our friend
December 5, 2022
Unity strengthened in Catholic communities after floods
December 6, 2022

Tuesday December 6th: We matter

The Father is not willing that we should perish!

Mathew 18:12-14

O what great joy and consolation to know we have such a persistent and protective Father! I matter, you matter to the Father. Each one of us is special and loved intimately by God. If this was not so, He would not pursue us with such jealous love, for we could be easily replaced.

The world tells us the opposite-I am not, you are not special-you do not matter.  Even when we turn our backs on His Love, He is not deterred.

My own father turned his back on the Church, but our prayers and sacrifices were acceptable to God through the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. On his deathbed, God’s Will was fulfilled. Though none but us believed.

I hold on to this promise for my own family and those for whom the Father wills me to pray, including my own salvation: That none You have given me will be lost.