Friday December 2nd: A vision of hope
December 2, 2022
Sunday December 4th: The moment of ‘conversion’ or ‘metanoia’, a change of heart and mind.
December 4, 2022

Saturday December 3rd: Go, proclaim this message

“Freely you have received; freely give”

Matthew 9:35-10:1, 6-8

Today’s Gospel focuses on Jesus choosing and sending His disciples out with specific authority and instructions: to drive out impure spirits, to heal every disease and sickness, to raise the dead. Are we convinced that those instructions are for us as well?

As followers of Christ and members of the church, we are called to become missionary disciples, to bring the good news to the poor. On this mission we will encounter many who need healing. We only have to follow the news to recognize how sick our society is and people calling out for help.

At times, however, we may have doubts as to whether we can make a difference. That is when we need to have Faith as to what Jesus promised. We must also remember it is not about us. We are just instruments. Jesus himself was challenged by the Jews and even the disciples doubted. Hence the reason we must call on the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Remember freely we have received; and freely we must give.

Lord, give us the grace to be missionary disciples.