Hospital staff remembers Covid-19 patients at candlelight vigil
December 1, 2022
Saturday December 3rd: Go, proclaim this message
December 3, 2022

Friday December 2nd: A vision of hope

“Do you believe I can do this?” They said, “Lord, we do.”

Matthew 9: 27 – 31

Advent is a season of hope. The gospel passage gives us a vision of hope. The prophets, namely, Isaiah, promised that when the Messiah comes he will give sight to the blind among other healings.

Today’s gospel shows two blind men following Jesus, calling out to him – ‘Take pity on us, Son of David’. Firstly, they identified Jesus by his Messianic title, Son of David. Thus already they are expressing faith and trust in the promise that he could heal their blindness. Secondly, though blind, they followed Jesus until they caught up with him. That is something many who have their sight cannot do. It shows perseverance and faith insight, qualities the Lord looks for in everyone.

This Advent can be the time to renew hope, especially in those areas of our lives that seem to be dark and lost. Every disciple must develop the virtue of perseverance so that they do not lose sight of Jesus and give up on their journey towards true healing.