Advent in this Kairos moment of synod
November 29, 2022
Thursday December 1st: Strong foundation
December 1, 2022

Wednesday November 30th: Call and Response

Feast of St Andrew, Apostle.

“And at once, leaving their nets they followed him.”

Matthew 4:18-22

Sometimes knots deep down in the belly, and bones turning to jelly,
Is the response to this call on our lives, to follow, to become, to be.
Yes! The call comes to us individually or collectively.

Like with Shadow’s Bass Man it pounding in your head night, and day,
And you wondering if there is some other way.
So, you stall… afraid that you fall.
It is not that you coward.
You just can’t see the way…forward.
The path unknown; no road map there
The future unclear.

We celebrate St Andrew today and we see
How he, Peter, James, and John left readily,
All that is familiar: boats, nets, and family,
To follow Jesus.
So today, what is His call for us?

He says, “As church take the synodal path,
With listening and compassionate hearts;
The Holy Spirit as your guide,
This moving forward together, side by side,
Demands a willingness to leave behind
Entangling nets of selfishness and closed mind.
Leave boats of comfort and security,
Come follow me on the synodal journey.”