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Parishes mobilise during adverse weather

Parishes and Church organisations were mobilising help for individuals and families suddenly displaced and experienced massive losses from flooding by incessant rainfall which began Thursday, November 24 and continued to Monday 28.

There were landslides and fallen trees causing road blockage, cracked roads, electricity outages, water supply disruptions in different parts of the country.

The St Michael’s RC Church, Maracas, in a Facebook post last Saturday (November 26) stated members of the community were adversely affected by flooding and the parish was ready to assist with material and spiritual needs. Persons in need of assistance were advised to reach out to the nearest parish representative and those willing to assist invited to make contact.

At the St Dominic’s RC parish Penal, The Catholic News was informed many homes were flooded with as much as four feet of water. The church’s migrant ministry assisted two families with relocation and is giving rental assistance to them for their relocation.

Communities along Clarke Road were inaccessible because the road was closed after a major landslide. To get in, commuters and motorists must use a seven-mile detour. Many persons were trapped in their homes especially along Penal Rock Road and Suchit Trace. The home of one family in Barrackpore collapsed and another is threatened.

According to other information received, the parish is assisting nine families from Ramai Trace, and Suchit Trace. These families had mattresses for beds so when the flood came, they lost the home in which they slept. The parish was working to source water and other items to assist the families. On Tuesday, November 29, the parish was preparing meals to distribute.

Vicar for the Southern Vicariate, Fr David Khan stated each parish in the South Vicariate is working directly with their communities as needed. “The parishes that were not affected will partner with those that are in supporting.”

Manzanilla Parish Priest Fr Kenwyn Sylvester, said there was damage to roads in Manzanilla, Biche and Fishing Pond. The parish was “monitoring the situation and checking in with our parishioners”.

The Society of St Vincent de Paul appealed for the public to donate non-perishable items for a food drive to assist families. Suggested items: canned food, rice, flour, water, sugar, toiletries, clothing, baby items.

Persons wishing to donate can contact the SVP head office Duncan Street, via 729-5818 and Glen Holder at 687-5320.