Saturday  November 26th: Watch yourselves!
November 26, 2022
Monday November 28th: Astounding Faith
November 28, 2022

Sunday November 27th: A requirement of kingdom people

Be ready, for you do not know the hour

Matthew 24: 37 – 44

Which one of you will give your son a stone if he asks for bread. And then go and make excuse: ‘Well I wasn’t watching what was in meh hand.’ And then cynically ask: ‘So ah have to know every time he hungry?’
Yes, it is a requirement of kingdom people. Take heed. Watch what yuh doing; saying; thinking; planning. The eruption of the Holy Spirit into our lives must not catch you unawares; else you will drown in the deluge. You have to be present to see and feel and be drawn into the moment to be able to give bread. Or else is stone! Include in your personal space the great awareness factor….without which, I assure you, there is nothing.
No. You don’t have to be a permanent watchman. Like a singer extending the note, forgets the words and stays in the right key. And that note pulled along, roots us more firmly into the house of being, and levitates us more buoyantly beyond body and soul. That song keeps us eternally ready, regardless the hour.