SynodTT: “Synod experience is like a rose garden”
November 21, 2022
Wednesday November 23rd: By your endurance you will gain your souls
November 23, 2022

Tuesday November 22nd: A Time of Grace and Mercy

 “And when you hear of wars and revolutions, do not be terrified, for this is something that must happen first, but the end will not come at once.”

Luke 21: 5-11

As Jesus warns about the destruction of the Temple, I find myself asking, “What are the ‘temples’ that I have set up in my own life? What are the ‘costly stones’ that I have placed in those temples?” Because like everything else, they will fall. I am more mindful that those could be destroyed in the proverbial wink of an eye. We often build temples based on our own plans and ambitions.

As I reflect on a recent turmoil in my personal life, this piece of scripture is in fact very consoling. For a while, things did seem to be truly ‘the end times; a great revolution’! Yet in the midst there were these words, “Courage, do not be terrified!”

It turned out, in fact, to be another period to turn to God and fix my gaze on Him alone; one of pure grace and mercy!  I am reminded that in his risen body, Jesus has already established the new and everlasting Temple. I can put my trust in Him