Synod 2021–2023: The Journey
November 18, 2022
Sunday November 20th: The burden of leadership
November 20, 2022

Saturday November 19th: Whose spouse Am I?

“The bliss of spending Eternity with our Eternal Spouse”

Luke 20: 27-40

Marriage is an important sacrament. That is why it’s no surprise that it is attacked so fiercely. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is threatening to warp God’s plan and purpose for marriage. This grieves the heart of God, who espouses us; and as such, we are called to defend God’s position on marriage.
Indeed, there is a wholeness, contentedness, and exuberance that we experience when we feel claimed, loved and chosen. Love is life. “God, who created man out of love also calls him to love which is the fundamental and innate vocation of every being” [CCC 1604].
Sometimes when love has been unrequited, manipulated, or supposedly snatched from us, it can result in trauma, brokenness, and isolation. This creates an emptiness, such that we sometimes espouse things that are contrary to God’s plan for us.
While marriage as God intended is wonderful, it still does not compare to the bliss of spending eternity with Him as it is only a foretaste of Heaven.
Dear God, sanctify all marriages.