Gratitude to ‘Brother Matthew’
November 16, 2022
Friday November 18th: A Sacred Space
November 18, 2022

Thursday November 17th: God cares!

“As he drew near and came in sight of the city he shed tears over it.”

,Luke 19:41-44

Do you remember when our parents and teachers told us that, if we don’t listen we would feel? These words were uttered several times during our growing up years to bring across the message of doing what was right and good.

Today’s Gospel passage brought to mind the importance of truth and doing what is right. We see Jesus being brought to tears over the coming fate of Jerusalem.  Jesus’ message is always about peace and love and teaches how we must care for one another. He wants the best for each of us and feels our pains when we suffer because of a lack of love and care, and when his people are ostracized for whatever reason.

As we reflect on this passage may we never grow weary of the teachings of Jesus; may we never become complacent with the injustices, the selfishness towards one another, greed , disrespect for life, abuse of power and all that cause suffering to our brothers and sisters.