Sunday November 13th: Not one stone will be left upon another
November 13, 2022
Tuesday November 15th: Short sight, not height
November 15, 2022

Monday November 14th: The possibilities of Faith

*Your faith has made you well.”

Luke 18: 35 – 43

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem, he focuses his teaching on faith. Earlier he told the disciples of the great feats they could achieve with the faith of a mustard seed. In today’s Gospel reading he told the blind man the same words he told the grateful leper, ‘Your faith has made you well‘.

Today’s media fill us with news of calamities and catastrophes. We may become anxious, depressed and lose hope in the possibilities of faith. Jesus is teaching us that the faith of everyday people makes a difference. not only in their own lives but that of their families, communities, nation, the world.

I reflect on the everyday people, contemporary prophets, who show us the way of faith: – single working mothers who sacrifice for their children, devoted fathers who work at menial jobs to put food on the table, migrants who brave the treacherous seas to make a living to send home money for their families to survive.

Jesus, Son of David, help us learn from them the possibilities of faith to move the mountains in our lives.