Saturday November 12th: Persistent Prayer
November 12, 2022
Monday November 14th: The possibilities of Faith
November 14, 2022

Sunday November 13th: Not one stone will be left upon another

“All these things you  are staring at now – the time will come when not a single stone will be left on another: everything will be destroyed.”

Luke 21: 5 – 19

Ah! How beautiful is the temple, that skyline with towers, property nestled behind marvellous gates enclosing secret lives.  Not one stone. Not one damn stone will be left on another. A time will come when landslide will follow landslide. Yes, don’t put God out of your thoughts and think that you can save something, or save anything, or hold on to some cherished dream. No. Everything will be lost. The sanctuary that you spent millions to repair will leak and then fall into ruin. All your precious paraphernalia will be trampled underfoot.

The temple of your body will not be spared. You will be persecuted for doing good.  Not one ounce of flesh will be left on your bones. The last dribble of blood and water will be drained out. All will seep into a river of pain from where healing will come. Out of this hallowed pond a thousand flowers will bloom.

Then we will survive on memory and bear testimony to the violence, destruction and death that we commemorate in the daily sharing of the Eucharist.