Friday November 11th: Be prepared
November 11, 2022
Sunday November 13th: Not one stone will be left upon another
November 13, 2022

Saturday November 12th: Persistent Prayer

 “ I will see that she gets justice”…

Luke 18:1-8

One day a new priest came to my Parish.  I was excited to meet him and  arranged an early visit.  After I left his secretary told him that I had the last two priests wrapped around my fingers.

During  those years, I used to real beg my priest to allow me to have free parish events.  I remember once I begged to have our Christmas ‘fundraiser’ as a free event.  No one agreed but after persistently explaining my viewpoint  (and because I was so annoying) the Parish Council agreed .

I does pester God the same way. If God was a Trini he would say, “Look she coming again!”

To someone on the outside, it might seem that things are  going my way.  However, it takes nine million prayers day and night; all kinds of Novenas; Rosary morning, noon and night. When I am under pressure…. I does eat and sleep prayers .

Today’s  Gospel tells us that persistently going to God brings  results. Whatever is worrying you today,  take it to the Lord in prayer.