Beatification cause for the Billings
November 10, 2022
Saturday November 12th: Persistent Prayer
November 12, 2022

Friday November 11th: Be prepared

“It will be the same when the day comes for the Son of man to be revealed.”

Luke 17: 26 – 37

As Jesus neared Jerusalem he prepared the disciples for the end. We cannot avoid our end; therefore, we must embrace it. At times we can see the end in sight, as Jesus was seeing his own end; at other times we cannot, as he mentioned about the people of Noah’s days and Lot’s days. They were so busy with their daily tasks that their respective ends took them by surprise.

As we notice in this time of severe climate change, natural disasters can leave a devastating wake in their paths. While we are warned when a hurricane is approaching, the floods they produce can overwhelm neighbourhoods and homes quickly. The message today is do not be caught off guard; but be prepared always.

The day of the Son of man, or the end, can quickly overtake us. When that day happens, we must be prepared. Preparation means remaining close to God, which is sustaining a prayer life, being in right relationship with God and others, not neglecting charity and being faithful to worship.