Wednesday November 9th: Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
November 9, 2022
Untenable situations
November 10, 2022

Thursday November 10th: It is Within Me

Until the end of time!

Luke 17:20-25

As human beings, we deal in tangibles – when, where, what, how. In this Gospel passage, the Pharisees ask Jesus when the kingdom of God would come. Jesus answers that it is not a question of ‘when; it is not something to observe or to see. There will be no external signs.

Jesus answers that you must ‘know’ the Kingdom of God is among you. This knowledge must endure false prophecy about the end of time. How do I recognise the Kingdom of God in my own life? How do I truly come to that knowledge? It is within me, yet at times, I reject Jesus and cause Him to suffer grievously by my thoughts, words, and actions; by the decisions I make in my life, for my family and those I love – sometimes generation after generation.

We bring about God’s kingdom every time we love our God, our selves, others, and our environment. The Messiah came among us and is with us always; yes, until the end of time!