Sunday November 6th: Children of God
November 6, 2022
Acting COP meets with East POS Catholic primary schools
November 7, 2022

Monday November 7th: Be aware of your Attitudes and Actions

‘…you must rebuke the offender, and if there is repentance, you must forgive.’

Luke 17:1-6

In today’s passage, Jesus is saying to His disciples what it means to follow Him. As His followers, we have the responsibility to not just forgive, but to forgive over and over, repeatedly. Just as we ask our Heavenly Father, in The Lord’s Prayer, to forgive us as we trespass, we too must remember that there is another side of the coin, that is, to forgive others who might have trespassed against us.
Looking inwardly, we might realise that in addition to God’s forgiveness we may perhaps require self-forgiveness at various points. The fact that we have failed ourselves and failed others does not excuse us from a continual effort to forgive and love. We must never forget that the process starts with ourselves.
Having and asking for the gift of Faith is important. However, we are told that we do not need much; what we do need is to become that obedient servant.