Saturday November 5th: Shades of grey
November 5, 2022
Monday November 7th: Be aware of your Attitudes and Actions
November 7, 2022

Sunday November 6th: Children of God

“… to which of them will she be the wife?’

Luke 20:27-38

Our reading presents us with the Sadducees posing a hypothetical case to Jesus. It is based on the Leviticus Law which obligates a man to marry his deceased brother’s wife. It is different from ours and so we are challenged to identify with this.

“To which of them will she be the wife” begs the question will she be only identified as a wife? Is she not a person in her own right?

Do we as well judge others only by their social status or do we look beyond to see them for who they truly are. And even more challenging, do we also judge ourselves by our achievements?

Jesus’s words were those who are judged worthy of a place in the other world and in the resurrection do not ‘marry’. They do not bring their status with them. We are judged as persons in our own right.

Lord, free us from petty concerns and help us see others and ourselves as we truly are: the children of God.