Curtailing disturbances of gunfire requires help from all segments of society
November 3, 2022
Saturday November 5th: Shades of grey
November 5, 2022

Friday November 4th: A wake up call

“Now that my master is taking the stewardship from me, what am I to do?”

Luke 16: 1 – 8

How many times we have heard this parable of the dishonest steward, and it made us turn up our noses at him, and we gloated over his dismissal because we believe he deserved it? He was dishonest and therefore deserved what he got.

But a closer look will reveal that the dishonest steward can be any of us. We may be, like the steward, going along thinking everything is fine until we are awakened to a long-standing error or a fault that we have become blind to or ignored. Then something wakes us up to the fact that we need to change. What do we do then?

The grace of the parable is that the steward, when he was discovered, acted immediately to save his life. We cannot undo the past but we can learn from it. When we get a wake up call that our spirituality is in trouble we can turn to God and befriend Him. Friendship with God is worth more than silver and gold.