Gunfire traumatises students of Rose Hill RC, Catholic Board responds
November 2, 2022
Side by side, in love and humility
November 3, 2022

Thursday November 3rd: God welcomes sinners

I am in awe of God’s love and mercy..

Luke 15: 1 – 10

I love these two parables. I feel comforted by them.

The image of God caring enough to go searching for me and putting me on His shoulders and celebrating, when He finds me, humbles me.

I am in awe of God’s love and mercy.

I recently cleared a morning and turned off my phone and read this Gospel.

I contemplated the many times I felt far from God, lost. I recall a merciful God rescuing me from some “piece ah nonsense”,  as we say in Trinidad and Tobago.

I imagined how happy He was that I was back in the fold.

My prayer is, that I always see the hand of God in my life, especially when I go astray. I also pray to remember to praise and thank Him for always reaching out to me. I want to celebrate His love and mercy by telling everyone how great God is!