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November 1, 2022
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November 1, 2022

The Choice: A play that explores the choices we make

By Jameke Brown

We live in a world today where freedom is painted as the ability to do anything that we want. We often forget that we are not simply free, to live and do as we please. From the perspective of a Catholic Christian, I speak knowing that I did not bring myself here. I did not choose to be born at the time that I was and neither did you. We were all brought into this life without much choice but despite that, it is our responsibility to understand fully that our lives and the decisions we make matter and more than that, our decisions are called to fit within God’s greater plan for our life — a plan of salvation.

‘The Choice’ is a play which explores the effects of those choices. It highlights the fact that God always prompts us to do what is right. His Holy Spirit always guides us to make the right choice but, fallen as we are, many times we choose to do otherwise. This is never without consequence; whether we face it in the short term or the long term, the consequence comes. That should not frighten us, though, because despite being fallen, God’s power to redeem is always greater than our proclivity to sin.

The play explores the life of young Jenna, her battle with making the right choice and listening to the voice of God. It tackles issues such as peer pressure, sexuality, and the importance of necessary parental support systems.

‘The Choice’ is the first production being done under the recently formed faith-based production company, CrossWorthy Productions. The Company aims to use the arts in different ways to spread messages of God’s love, life, truth and hope to impact and inspire others. Through stories and songs, we intend to give audiences something enjoyable while causing reflection and hopefully transformation. I believe there are so many avenues for persons to lose themselves in this world, hopefully through this venture we can create a platform for persons to let their lights shine in what can be a dark and seemingly godless world.

‘The Choice’ was actually written since 2017 based on experiences of my own life at that time and those around me and I always had the vision that one day, it would be brought to life, but I never envisioned when.

Playwright of The Choice

As usual with most of us, procrastination becomes the order of the day, as it is very easy to convince ourselves of reasons not to do things. In conversation one day with my girlfriend, I told her that I wrote a play and her being already involved in the arts, she was immediately interested. We then did an impromptu table read between ourselves and enjoyed it so much; we both realised that this should be brought to life. It is a testament to me that timing is key, and nothing happens before its time. I was encouraged and immediately started seeking out a cast. The cast comprises some young talent from the diocese, all with some form of acting/musical experience. It has been very fulfilling seeing the production go from paper to life! Rehearsals have been underway over the past few weeks, and I look forward to audiences experiencing it!

We hit the stage with two shows on November 12 and 13 at the Central Bank Auditorium at 6 p.m.

Tickets cost $150 and can be purchased by calling/messaging the following numbers:

273-0419, 350-6567 or 681-8275.

Tickets are also available from the Central Bank Box Office on both show days from noon.

Follow us on Instagram for all updates on ‘The Choice’ over the next few weeks and for updates on future productions/ initiatives.

God’s blessings!