Friday October 28th: Never alone
October 28, 2022
Getting To Know Series: Amílcar Sanatan
October 29, 2022

Saturday October 29th: Humble Yourself

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11

Luke 14:1,7-11

“My girls, my girls here I am!” With flags in hand as we lined the Promenade, we were alerted by the late Archbishop Anthony Pantin’s voice. He had managed to evade our gala welcome unnoticed. Understandably so, as he drove himself in his modest Nissan Sunny. My first, but not singular encounter with a truly humble being.
A marked contrast from those whose ministries and existence, are propelled by ‘likes’– the recognition; frequently supported by their qualifications, accomplishments and boasts of humility. The leaders who seek even more power despite their ineptness, captioning their generosity on front pages and a gallery of pictures. Upstarts confident with what they know, frowning upon the aged and experienced. Correction to little ones meted out with “I already know!”. Competitiveness, regardless. Rejection rather than apologizing. Perpetuated lies and cover-ups, compromised accountability. Degrading and unjust actions by those ‘large and in charge’. Our resistance perhaps to change, self-opinionated, selfish and judgmental.
Can we therefore not all benefit from adopting the virtue of humility?