Forming a generation of missionary disciples
October 25, 2022
A legacy issue
October 26, 2022

Wednesday October 26th: The narrow door

“Are you saved?”

Luke 13:22-30

I often wonder what prompted the question if there would only be a few saved. Jesus doesn’t answer directly but very simply responds that they should try their best to enter by the narrow door. What is ‘best’ for me as Catholic Christian? Are they all the Novenas, Masses, Retreats, Fasting, Abstinence and numerous church activities I engage in? Are they of the ‘best’ or can those be in line with “…I once ate and drank” and “you taught in our streets.”? They are obviously not the best because Jesus admonishes them as wicked men to be away from him. I remember being asked the question “Are you saved?” and my response was that I was working on it; trying my best.
It’s not easy to enter by the narrow door of which Jesus speaks. I must try hard to let go of bulk like my pride, jealousy, resentment, self righteousness, greed, unforgiveness and the lot that weigh me down. Only my humble faith holding on to Jesus as my guide will see me through.