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October 26, 2022
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October 26, 2022

Love So Amazing’ amazes

The Love Movement celebrated their 50th Anniversary Concert ‘Love So Amazing’ at Queen’s Hall over two weekends from October 7 to October 16. Attendee Margaret Samuel submitted the following review.

I had the privilege of witnessing an awe-inspiring show, when The Love Movement under Producer/Musical & Artistic Director Bernadette Laughlin Scott celebrated their 50th anniversary, with their presentation of ‘Love So Amazing’ at Queen’s Hall.

What started as a small group of 15 in her bedroom in her parent’s home 50 years ago, has blossomed into three choirs – The Senior Choir, The Love Movement Republic Bank Youth Outreach, and the Lights of Love Children’s Choir.

The first half began with their theme song, composed by Bernadette, and performed by the Love Movement family. This section continued with powerful offerings by the Youth Outreach such as ‘You Say’, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’, and ‘What A Beautiful Name’. Many in the audience were moved to tears and they were left with a feeling of hope for the youth of our nation.

Bernadette, with the support of Republic Bank Ltd, has worked tirelessly to mentor, guide and provide strong, faith-filled examples to these young people, and her hard work is paying off.

The Senior Choir closed this half with ‘I Look to You’, ‘Impossible Dream’, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Jerusalem’. All the soloists both from the youth and the senior choirs were tremendous and the audience showed their appreciation loudly throughout this section.

After a short intermission, the curtain opened with the Lights of Love Children’s Choir as they performed excerpts from Encanto. The sets were beautiful! Hats off to Randy Halfhide of Another Idea and Hasley Nicholas.

These children, who number upwards of 70, were animated, engaging and delightful. The costumes were stunning. The lighting – managed by none other than Celia Wells, provided all the right moods with excellent sound by Frank Agarrat assisted by Corey Burnham.

All the main characters in this section were amazing and the smallest to the oldest in the choir held our attention with expressions of sheer joy. Of course, ‘We Don’t Talk about Bruno’ was an audience favourite.

Cinemagic followed with a vibrant, on point performance by the Love Movement Republic Bank Youth Outreach. Kudos to choreographers Jade Jones, Stephanie Carrington and Franchesca Williams-Vazzana. These young people were energetic and did not miss a beat!

Next was ‘A tribute to Desmond Waithe – and his arrangements of Ras Mas and High Mas’ which brought us back home with choreography by Heather Henderson-Gordon.  The audience had a fine time singing along and joining in the moves.

The Loves Tones Steel Ensemble followed under pan tutor Clive Telemaque and provided a sweet interlude which again showed the versatility of the Love Movement family.

Bernadette gives all credit to her God, and the dedication and assistance of many people over the years. She specially thanked Dr Helmer Hilwig who has journeyed with The Love Movement for the past 37 years for adding his expert direction to all their performances.

Closing the show was the senior choir with ‘The Music of Broadway’ and ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Again, energetic, nostalgic, and powerful with wonderful choreography by Anneisha Skerritt-Wells and Janelle Spencer-Lewis.

As the Republic Bank Youth Outreach and the Lights of Love choirs joined ‘Auntie Bernadette’ on the stage, it became evident by the loud applause followed by a well-deserved standing ovation, that this powerhouse has committed herself to using music, not only to entertain, but to Heal Hearts and Change Lives, One Note At A Time. Bravo Love Movement! Bravo!