Sunday October 23rd: I lay my burden down in prayer
October 23, 2022
Simple, humble, prayerful – Bishop Galt remembered
October 24, 2022

Monday October 24th: “…You are set free from your ailment.”

In the process of serving and being served healing takes place.

Luke 13: 10 – 17

Many years ago, a group of friends started a community library in my hometown. For years, young children had grown up without this service. They were crippled in not having access to free books to expand their literacy.

Then some young friends reached out and provided a space for children to visit, borrow, and return books. Children came with their parents and there was joy. The community library was Jesus saying to the children, “You are set free from your ailment.”

I think of so many community projects, services provided by people who see the needs of others on the margins, crippled for years by affliction, oppressed by unjust structures, broken by abusive relationships. They reach out and touch them by providing care and comfort, an ear to listen, a job, food. In the process of serving and being served healing takes place for both the receiver and the giver. This is the power of Jesus’ love and compassion.

I thank God for those who reach out and touch the afflicted and bring healing. They are like Jesus.