“We need help!” – Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home
October 22, 2022
Monday October 24th: “…You are set free from your ailment.”
October 24, 2022

Sunday October 23rd: I lay my burden down in prayer

“Lord be merciful to me a sinner.”

Luke 18: 9 – 14

With a heavy heart I turn to the corner of the yard.  And in the semi-darkness I put a little more oil in my lamp. No one sees my light but the one who sees everything. I open my heart to the tranquil evening and let my prayer bleed quietly into the earth. No one knows why my heart bleeds.  In the shade of the tree of life I lay my burden down and vow ‘to follow war no more.’ No more.

As the light grows dim, I fight the urge to inflate my own importance; war follows me like night follows day. My confidence rides the knife edge and slices my humility like cheese. No words come;  a rancid thought rise in my throat. I struggle to swallow my pride.

I stand before you O Holy Spirit. Let this light burn away the shadows of my arrogance and on this sacred ground I let fall the words of my supplication: have mercy on me Lord.  I grip His garment lest I sink into the burnt shadows.