Holy Mass and prayers for Breast Cancer Awareness
October 18, 2022
Dear Mother Mary – Queen of the Holy Rosary
October 19, 2022

Wednesday October 19th: On being tidy

“How do I keep my house?”

Luke 12:39-48

The more I feel drawn to do big things for God’s kingdom, it is the more that the Holy Spirit convicts me of the little interior things that need modifying. This causes me to reflect, how do I keep my house?
If a friend visited at this moment, would I be ashamed to let him/her inside because it might be messy with a sink full of dishes and dirty bathrooms?
What about my car? Can I offer someone a ride without feeling embarrassed or having to make excuses for its condition?
How do I keep my body? Do I take care of it, nourish it properly, give it sufficient rest and exercise so that it can execute the mission with which God has entrusted me?
Truth be told, the way that we take care of these external spaces is itself a reflection of how we take care of our souls and gives testimony of the God we serve. By examining these spaces, are others seeing enough of Christ in us to want what we have?