Monday October 17th: Avarice
October 17, 2022
SVP addresses “series of falsehoods” at Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home
October 18, 2022

Tuesday October 18th: Unconditional love

“The harvest is rich, and the labourers are few.”

Luke 10: 1-09

“It is not so much what we do but how we do it that matters greatly,” is a statement that has become popular in our efforts to build deep relationships.

In today’s Gospel, St Luke relates how Jesus appoints seventy-two persons and sends them off in pairs ahead of him into the towns and villages he himself was to visit. It is clear from the instructions given to them that Jesus is about building relationship, the hallmark of which must be life-giving.

We, too are appointed and sent out as parents, teachers, lawyers, doctors, whatever our vocation in life. Our task is to open ways for those with whom we work to meet God and we do so in a spirit of love, trust, and humility.

As we take up the challenge as  labourers where the harvest is rich, waiting to be reaped, let us be mindful that we are called to be signs of hope and that we are to be alert and open to the new possibilities that will always arise.