Catholic Education Board on parental rights & Children Sex Ed
October 16, 2022
Tuesday October 18th: Unconditional love
October 18, 2022

Monday October 17th: Avarice

“A person’s life is not made secure by what he or she owns.”

Luke 12:13-21

In this parable on avarice the rich man thought that by gaining a rich harvest meant he had arrived, and he could now relax. However, he had gotten it all wrong.

Having a “rich harvest” is a blessing, a gift that could be taken away at any time. The problem with this man, and us too, is that he felt he was in control of his destiny; hence he wanted to break down his barns and build bigger ones to store his grain. He believed he would be around forever. Further, he locked his grain away and did not consider others.

Similarly, our blessings, talents and good fortune are not meant to be locked up or controlled but to be shared. Otherwise, we would develop a false security in believing that people and things belong to us. The pandemic has taught us a deep lesson that tomorrow is promised to no one. Life is not about storing up things but accepting everything and everyone as gift. We do not own them.