Friday October 14th: Proclaim from the housetops
October 14, 2022
Sunday October 16th: Passion and Persistence
October 16, 2022

Saturday October 15th: Not my words but Yours, O Lord!

“For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you should say”

Luke 12:8-12

What an awesome promise which we may have overlooked time and time again without realizing we are standing on God’s Word! Have you ever been invited to give an impromptu speech and you felt lost until you call on God and everything began to flow? What about preparing the homily for a service or writing a gospel reflection or presenting at a retreat?
Many times, we are unsure about what to say because we are depending on our own understanding. However, from the moment we put our faith in God, He sends us the Holy Spirit to help us. This is because God keeps His promise to us when we call on His name.
Even the prophets experienced doubt and anxiety when called to spread the message of God. Moses, felt that he was not eloquent enough (Exodus 4:10); Jeremiah was convinced that he was too young. (Jeremiah 1:6) But God assured them that he would teach them what to say when the time comes.
Lord, help me to always rely on you and not my own abilities.