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October 12, 2022
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October 12, 2022

Santa Rosa Malabar celebrates its priests

Photo: Wikimedia commons

On Friday, August 19, parishioners 0f the Santa Rosa/Malabar cluster gathered with friends, at The Church of The Holy Spirit to celebrate the 16th anniversary of priestly ordination of Fr Andrew Emenike and the birthday of Fr Ameloko Kizito. Fr Stephan Alexander journeyed to Arima to share in the celebration.

Both priests left their homes in Nigeria to answer a call to service in a country unknown to either of them. Moderator of the cluster Fr Steve Duncan acknowledged the great service generously given to the cluster by both priests during a period of challenge. He highlighted their availability and commitment. Fr Kizito noted their growth in brotherly love and support, which strengthened the team, allowing for positive impact on work within the cluster.

While emphasising that Fr Andrew loved to speak TRUTH, parishioners chuckled as he joked about Fr Andrew’s “vociferousness”. The combined choir added to the festivity of the occasion. It was indeed an immense joy to celebrate these two priests. —A parishioner