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October 10, 2022
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October 11, 2022

Tuesday October 11th: An Invite to Jesus

Change me from the inside

Luke 11:37-41

What a lovely gesture! The Pharisee invited Jesus home to dine with him. Jesus must have needed that respite after speaking. Yet, Jesus’ actions ‘surprised’ the Pharisee, as, the usual customs at the Pharisee’s home was to wash before sitting at table.
Aren’t we too like the Pharisee? We invite Jesus into our situations but when He comes He ‘upsets’ our usual way of doing things, our habitual practices, our routines. He may be asking us to do things differently, to change our habits, our norms. We too want things to look nice from the outside looking in and we fail to embrace Jesus’ new way of doing things.
Are we really allowing Jesus in, to dine with us in a real way?
Lord Jesus, when I invite you into my ‘home’, into my situations, in every part of my life, help me to surrender my view of how things should go and allow you to change me from the inside.