Saturday October 8th: Keeping the word
October 8, 2022
Monday October 10th: The sign of Jonah
October 10, 2022

Sunday October 9th: Your faith has made you well

Under every flesh-wound is a deeper soul-wound crying-out for healing

Luke 17: 11-19

The art of healing thyself hinges on the practice of giving thanks. It does not come natural; it has to be learnt by practice. Leave the outside and journey to the inner heart-space, because under every flesh-wound is a deeper soul-wound crying-out for healing. Of course the outside healing matters; but going inside with faith helps us find the healing that we so yearn for.

Quick quick slow, quick quick slow, the dance master keeps beat. Ask Pierrot, he will bear me out: every song has a hook, every forward chip warrants a back-back, every flow ah ramajay, every folkdance ah pirouette.

The nine went straight to the priest to get reinstated, hurrying to be accepted and to move on: quick, quick, quick; no slow.  The race for quick-healing has obliterated thanksgiving. The Samaritan turned back. He knew he can’t give thanks in a hurry. You have to pause, turn round, ‘remember who.’ Thanksgiving is the flipside of rush. Stop what you doing, for healing is sealed only with a grateful heart.