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October 5, 2022
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October 5, 2022

Love So Amazing! The Love Movement’s 50 year journey of love

The Love Movement Family of Choirs, all 175 of them, are working tirelessly to ensure that ‘Love So Amazing’ their 50th Anniversary Concert at Queen’s Hall over two weekends from October 7 to October 16 will once again bring much joy, peace, healing, hope and love into the hearts of their audiences.

Their 50-year journey of ‘Healing Hearts and Changing Lives One Note at a Time’ has borne much fruit, especially among the thousands of young people who struggle with the afflictions of a lack of parental guidance, drugs, crime and a hunger to feel genuine love and acceptance.

Everyone who enters the Love Movement Centre finds love and acceptance, and the opportunity to discover their God-given talents and so gain self-worth and self-love, through the medium of the performing arts and spiritual guidance.

In addition to sharing beautiful and popular songs from the movies, The Love Movement will also take their audiences down the streets of Broadway, (New York!) as they share some of the best music from Broadway.

There is so much more to hear, see and experience at their 50th anniversary event. The children in the audience will love seeing their movie characters come alive as Encanto takes centre stage. Excerpts from this most popular Disney Musical will thrill the hearts of the younger ones.

“Because Covid is still a risk, we decided to work with a double cast, and so ensure that there would always be a member of the lights of Love to keep the ball a rolling!” said founder Bernadette Scott.

The excitement and spectacle that The Love Movement has become famous for, will once more be an integral part of the concert. Stunning costumes, exciting choreography, spectacular lighting, great sound and stage sets will all be a part of a celebration and milestone very few organisations have been blessed to experience. The Love Movement Family gives God the glory for it all.

Don’t miss another spectacular and exciting production from the members of The Love Movement Family.  Join them as they give praise and glory for their 50-year journey of love. Proceeds from the GALA night on October 7 go towards the Archbishop’s Appeal Fund.

Tickets are available at the Queen’s Hall Box Office Monday to Sunday from midday to 6 p.m. Call or WhatsApp Queen’s Hall Box Office: 376-5699, or for more information call 475-7858.

—Article and photos courtesy The Love Movement