Missionaries of Charity – total service to the poor
October 3, 2022
Youth carrying on mission of St Vincent de Paul
October 4, 2022

Tuesday October 4th: A matter of priorities

What is the most important thing?

Luke 10: 38 – 42

I used to think exactly like Martha. I had a ‘poor me’ attitude. I thought life was so unfair. I would even complain just like Martha did; and yes I was bold faced enough to tell God exactly what I wanted him to do.

Then, I found  meditation and I began to try to be less emotionally reactive and a little more logical. What is the most important thing? If I  truly believe the answer is, spending time with God, I would realize Mary was right.

No one would starve if I didn’t cook. Jesus was there for a limited time. He turned water into wine, if He were hungry He would whip-up some food, as we say in Trinidad, “fas fas”.

I pray, I always prioritize spending time with the Holy Trinity.  Dear God let me be faithful to daily prayer and carve out time for retreats and pilgrimages.